Anti Oxidant Beverage: Easy Anti Oxidant Beverage Recipe

With more and more people taking conscious decisions to change their diet to promote healthier lifestyle, we hear of new buzzwords & see new products everyday in health magazines, food related articles and super markets. In our earlier blog we have covered the benefits of indulging in a Alkaline Diet, also known as the "Alkaline Ash Diet" that is widely endorsed around the globe. Anti oxidant beverages are now widely popular with many choosing to enjoy them instead of artificially sweetened beverages. Though one can buy them, why rely on market bought goodies when you can make your own anti oxidant beverage at home and enjoy if fresh? Besides, with innovative water bottle options like Vaya Drynk storing beverages in a hygienic, stylish way is so easy.

Antioxidants, commonly found in select fruits and vegetables are known to promote a healthy gut, neutralize the cell damage caused by free radicals and help keep the brain active. Eating a wide spectrum of dark colored fruits like berries- raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, apples, red cabbage, red kidney beans, dark raisins, tomatoes, broccoli and even a piece of dark chocolate is a great way to increase your intake of anti oxidant rich foods.

Here is an easy anti oxidant beverage recipe that can be made at home. Apart from supplying a healthy dose of nutrients, this easy anti oxidant fruit infused beverage helps you keep hydrated during the hot summer months. Moreover, if you are wondering how to choose the best reusable water bottle to store your beverages, click here for more info.

Mint & Berries Anti Oxidant Beverage Recipe:

Wash mixed berries (fresh if available or frozen will do) like strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and put them in a glass container or infusion bottle.

Wash and clean fresh mint sprigs. Pluck fresh leaves and keep aside.

Add mint leaves to infuser bottle/container along with room temperature drinking water and let it infuse for 1-2 hours. Enjoy fresh or refrigerate for upto 4-6 hours. Do not leave it overnight as berries may make the water taste very tart.

Use coconut water to enjoy a different taste!