Review: All Day Cafe Menu at Hello Guppy, BKC

Japanese cuisine can tempt any food lover with regional specialties that are prepared with careful precision and served with superlative presentation. How we love to eat perfectly crafted sushi any time of the day.

Having covered the Cherry Pop festival at Hello Guppy, known to serve delicious Japanese fare at pocket friendly prices, we were delighted to try the All Day Cafe menu.

Jenga Cheese Toast

One bright afternoon, we stepped into the diner-style Japanese cafe and bar to settle at a comfortable table amidst vibrant decor to try the new menu that also features a collaboration with The Parfait Co. and Koinonia Coffee Roasters. If its your first visit, you will be surely dazzled by the bright tiled walls, custom designed wall papers, shiny chairs, table tops transformed into a retro Pachinko machine and more.

We started with two newly introduced cocktails to set the mood. Tanoshii Cosmo is a delicious twist to the classic cosmopolitan with Umeshu (a traditional Japanese liqueur made from ume fruit, which bears a resemblance to plums) and Sake (Japanese rice wine). The other sake based cocktail Geisha Daiquiri, was refreshing and light with hints of orange and thyme flavours and a touch of lemon.

Geisha Daiquiri and Tanoshii Cosmo

Pan Grilled Broccoli with its sweet spicy sesame sauce and a hint of shichimi chili powder (a common Japanese spice mixture) complimented the hint of sweetness in the cocktails, a good choice for vegetarians.

Pan Grilled Broccoli

For some crunch, we tried Beetroot Rice Cracker, an easy to like starter with different toppings made with sushi rice, mashed avocados, salmon, tuna and more.

Beetroot Rice Cracker

The hint of rains in the weather made us crave for something fried and our answer arrived in form of Fried Chicken Drumettes, marinated and deep fried chicken drumettes (fleshy part of chicken wings) served with barbecue sauce on the side. The drumettes were fried to a perfect golden color but could have been marinated a little more.

Fried Chicken Drumettes

Next we tried Tuna Nachos Pizza made with crispy tortilla chips instead of a pizza base, tuna tataki (yellow fin tuna), tobiko (flying fish roe) and topped with soy radish, olives and some cream cheese and wasabi for extra flavour.

Tuna Nachos Pizza

Almost full, we could not resist the Egg Sando, a Japanese style sandwich made with four egg fluffy omelette and served with house fries, spicy mayo and sweet potato chips.

Egg Sando

We had been keenly eyeing the dessert cart by Parfait Co that makes delicious Parfaits, a classic cold French dessert in different flavors strategically located near the entrance. The dessert menu features delicious options like Dorayaki - buckwheat pancakes layered with adzuki beans, cherry parfait and house made ferrero crunch, a PBJ sundae made with salted caramel parfait but decided to craft our DIY sundae. Choose between 3 scoops or 5 scoops of parfait flavors and add fun toppings like roasted buckwheat, wasabi peas, almond praline, marshmallow and more.

The All Day Cafe menu also features delicious blends like Matcha Latte, Miso-Caramel cappuccino and more for coffee lovers.


Hello Guppy, C-WING, Bharat Nagar Road, G Block BKC, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051

What You Pay For a Meal For Two: INR 1500 plus taxes

Timings: 12 PM till 1 AM

Call: 022 2653 4720