Most Loved Gifting Ideas

The season of GIFTING is here. We all love giving and receiving gift but picking gifts for your loved ones isn’t a cake walk any more. Gone are the days when people would walk in with ghee reeked sweet meats, sugar laden cakes and dried fruits. Though, some things never cease to lose charm. But, a unique gift will keep people doting over you the whole year. This holiday season, start a bit early, prepare a list- of close friends, relatives, casual /business acquaintances; jot down their likes and interests and decide what you would like to gift them to share the love. We present to you some thoughtful and most loved gifting ideas to make your life simpler.

Spa experience:

It’s not more a girl thing to visit spa for a massage or a little pampering, and it’s never a bad idea to gift someone a spa getaway from the daily rut. Gift your loved ones a spa package and win oodles of accolades and brownie points. Visit city’s most sought after Spa or the one little away from hub, to strike a deal. You never know you win yourself a free foot spa in return.

Assorted green tea:

This is a gift, for the ones who are health conscious and will whine over binging once the holiday season is over. With an array of tea flavors to choose from, they come handy as a gift. This not only reflects your concern but your thoughtfulness too. Ideal gift for senior relatives and casual acquaintances. They come in beautiful packaging to lend a festive feel.

Aromatic handmade candles:

This is an answer to your quest for personalized gifting idea. DIY tutorials and easy access to the required material have made life so much simpler for us. Beautiful pastel hues, aromatic essential oils and a dash of glitter here and there will make it an ideal holiday season gift for the ones you love. Create your own assortment in different shapes and sizes. Best when paired with chocolates/sweets/dried fruits.

Homemade chocolates:

This is another crowd pleaser. Buy silicon moulds, cooking chocolate and half the task is done. Put on your thinking caps and bring in some zest to the chocolates with your unique flavors. To begin with- strawberry crush with paprika/ roasted almond with bitter coffee or even gulkand from the pan shop, all lend a feisty touch to plain chocolates.


Sounds a little unconventional, but trust us a personalized cutlery set, brings in a smile to the one who receives it. You can get the names/nick names engraved, they lend a little vintage panache to the table. Again, ideal for associates, friends or relatives.

Online shopping coupons:

Who wouldn’t like little addition to the shopping kitty, to satisfy the shopping pangs? We all have a little wish list waiting in the cart. And the Gen Y and Z, swears by the online shopping explosion. This is another practical way to express your love, be it a good friend or sibling. 

Curated Food Hampers:

This gifting idea, never ceases to bring a smile. Walk around the aisles of your favorite gourmet store or take expert help to put together a curated food hamper. Choose gourmet favorites of your loved ones depending on their personal taste and don’t forget to add a customized message on the hamper.

We Indians love to exchange gifts at all times, especially when celebrating festivals and the beautiful holiday season! We tried to list some most loved gifting ideas, but we are eager to hear and add some more. So don’t forget share. Till next time…happy gifting and a very happy holiday season to you!


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