7 Must Have Sweets During Diwali

Diwali like any other Indian festival is celebrated with fervor, family and loads of sweets, specially Indian mithai. Diyas are illuminated basking homes in a golden glow, colorful rangolis adorn homes, family & friends visit & we all look forward to nibbling on sweets throughout the day.

In this day & age of molecular gastronomy & fusion food, its heartening to see that during Diwali people indulge in simple Indian mithai that satisfy the soul. Homes are fragrant with aromas of homemade barfi, ladoos, gujiyas, halwas & more. Wicked Spoon Confessions brings you delicious must have sweets during Diwali.

Motichoor Ladoo:

Crumbly & delicious, Motichoor ladoos are a favorite! Made with ghee fried gram flour boondi dunked in sugar syrup & rolled into round ladoos, these golden delights will make everyone drool.

Kaju Katl:

As children, we played a game of betting which house got gifted maximum kaju katli packets!! Extremely popular as an gifting option, kaju katli is barfi made with powdered cashew nut, sugar syrup & cardamom powder. Cut into diamond shapes & decorated with silver warq, its a not to be missed treat.

Image Courtesy: najeeb shaik


A Gujarati specialty during Diwali. Made with coarsely ground besan ( gram flour), khoya (mawa), sugar syrup, powdered cardamom & oodles of ghee, Mohanthal is a must-have.

Image Courtesy: chiragndesai


A sweet made with deep fried pastry filled with desiccated coconut, dry fruits like raisins, cashew nuts, almonds & more, powdered sugar & cardamom is an art work of nimble fingers. The art lies in dexterously pleating the edges of the gujiyas to make an intricate pattern that holds the filling together. The delight of biting into a crisp gujiya is endless.

Image Courtesy: Amanwiki308

Gulab Jamum:

Many Indian weddings are remembered by the softness of Gulab Jamuns served! Soft fried dumplins made with khoya or milk powder soaked in sugar syrup can be enjoyed throughout the year but the festival of Diwali makes them more irresistible.

Image Courtesy: Preeti Tamilarasan

Puran poli:

Round flat breads made with refined or wheat flour & stuffed with sweet lentil filling make for legendary Diwali lunches. Top up with warm ghee for an authentic taste.

Image Courtesy: Vadani Kaval Gheta


Creamy & sweet, Phirni is easy to make & delights everyone. A pudding like sweet made with powdered rice, milk, cardamom powder garnished with almond is enjoyed chilled served in traditional kulhard (earthen bowls)

Image Courtesy: Rajathrajrao

There are a range of Diwali sweets made across homes & everyone has favorites. Tell us yours in the comments section.