5 Reasons to Visit The White Owl Brewery & Bistro

There are many things that attract food lovers to a place- gourmet cuisine, attentive service, comfortable vibe, chic interiors, location and of course the choice of tipple. And if one gets to enjoy all of this at a single place, its no less than a gourmet jackpot!!! The busy metropolitan area of Lower Parel, Mumbai has become a foodie paradise in recent times with multiple corporate parks with a young crowd that is always on a hunt for cool places to hang out . Not only food but the buzzing gourmet scene also boasts of innovative cocktails, paired menus and craft beers. Though many of us may have already tried artisan craft beers across cities and at The White Owl Brewery & Bistro at Mumbai, Wicked Spoon Confessions gives you 5 reasons to keep visiting this brewpub....and if you haven't then you will soon. And no its not because we love everything that comes in cute Owl shapes :)

1.Crafted Beers Sans Preservatives: Say hello to Ace-a moderate bodied beer that tingles your senses with a mild taste of apple & champagne flavors ( Wicked spoon's choice for the evening), Spark- moderate to light with hints of citrus flavors, Diablo- an Irish red ale with mild caramel flavors. Or try the Halcyon- innovative combo of banana & clove, Bumble- honey flavored  with a moderate to light body. There are 8 flavors to choose from a sampling tray, so take your time, select a brew that you love and start taking mental notes on which one to order next.

2. Fuss-free Chic Interiors: What's so exciting about a hangout place located inside an office building? Step inside The White Owl and let the comforting exposed brick interiors with mood lighting soothe away the worries about the 40 slider presentation lying untouched on your laptop. Bicycles on walls surrounded by fairy lights, lit up birdcages, a huge board announcing the house specials, a buzzing bar that partly covers the steel barrels that hold your favorite brew, no-fuss steel table & chairs and smiling service...now don't tell us it doesn't sound good?

3. Lip-smacking Gourmet Cuisine: We are so used to ordering beer battered onion rings (the ones at The White Owl were crunchy & good), loaded fries, jacket potatoes or sliders at regular hipster joints that when we saw the menu at The White Owl, we were delighted. Pair your brew with beer braised chicken tostadas with black bean salsa & topped with cilantro, blackened red snapper skewers (Yay, no basa fish on the menu here), Chefs gourmet popcorn- in three flavors for starters. 

The choice for mains is huge- we ordered Grilled German Bratwurst served with apple chutney & Sundried tomato risotto topped with parmesan garlic crumble.

Go for sandwiches if you love them & want to keep some place in your beer laden belly. The starters & mains are all served with freshly made in-house dips, sauces & breads... so dig in and enjoy.

4. Location, location, location: Travelling in Mumbai is a chapter in itself, especially on busy Friday evenings. The White Owl is conveniently located and is easily accessible from several areas making it easy to grab your favorite beer, hang out with friends & still reach in time to catch the highlights of your favorite team win!! That is if you were not already sneaking glances towards the giant screen & watching the game while nodding away at whatever your date was saying....our plus one cheered Mumbai Indians all through the evening, btw.

5. The Beer Popsicle: What's better than a glass of cold beer? A frozen beer lolly that's high on taste & also Instagram worthy. The much talked about innovative dessert- the beer popsicle made with Ace beer is a must have. Served in a wide mouthed jar on a bed of butter cookie crumbs, its a great way to impress your date and break the ice...or the lolly, only so that you can share it.

What You Pay For a Meal For Two: INR 2500/- plus taxes.

One Indiabulls Center,
Tower 2 Lobby,
Nicholar Piramal Tower,
Senapati Bapat Marg,
Lower Parel,

022 2421 0231

12 pm till 1 am


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