The Ultimate Revolutionary Meal for Republic & Independence Day

On the occasion of two most important days for any Indian- Republic day & Independence day, everyone is proud to celebrate the glory of our great country. Moreover, the experience of living here has shaped us as professionals, parents, and citizen of this world.

Besides, on these days we all gather for Flag hoisting in our societies usually followed by lunch. However, this time around, we would like to inspire you to celebrate with a pot lunch menu with dishes from around the country to bring out the unity in our cultural diversity. 

Wicked Spoon Confessions in association with Sandeep Pande (Executive Chef, Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel) brings you the ultimate revolutionary meal from the East, West, North and South regions that inspired the freedom struggle.

Let’s start with some delectable Rasgulle ki chaat from Belanganj - Agra which was one of the regions associated with India's First War of Independence, the Uprising of 1857.

Rasgulle ki chaat is essentially chenna (variety of Indian cottage cheese prepared from fresh cow milk) dumplings in a sweet tangy sauce with white glimpses of chenna dumplings almost imitating the Taj on a foggy morning. Further, make this delectable chaat with this tasty recipe shared by Chef Sandeep.

Rasgulle ki chaat

Additionally, tantalize your taste buds with Farsan from Gujarat and Traditional pickles from Aminabad in Lucknow where the Residency Park near Aminabad was the epicenter of political activities during the freedom struggle.

Dhokla - Image Courtesy Flickr - Creative Commons

Khandvi - Image Courtesy Flickr - Devika - Creative Commons

Mango Pickle - Image Courtesy wikiHow - creative commons

Also, go on to savor the delicious Kakori kebabs and the simple vegetarian dishes such as Khatta Meetha Pakaa Kaddu, Aloo Parwal, Pyazi Bhindi, Methi wali turai, Heeng aur lal mirch wale aloo from the Kakori region where the notable Kakori Revolution was led by Chandrasekhar Azad and others

Kebabs - Image Courtesy

Next up is the delicious and aromatic Hyderabadi Biryani with Raita from Hyderabad where Hyderabad State Congress opposed the autocratic rule of the Nizam of Hyderabad.

Mutton Biryani - Image Courtesy

Raita - Image Courtesy wikiHow - creative commons

With this in mind. let's enjoy some yummylicious Golas from the city from where the Quit India Movement was launched in 1942 by Mahatma Gandhi – our very own Mumbai.

Gola -Shaved Ice

Finally, let’s liberate our body and soul with a platter of sweet Mishti Doi, Nolen Gurer Sondesh and Chenna Payesh from Bengal which also gave two immortal songs of freedom - Bande Mataram and the National Anthem which are still alive and stir the blood of every Indian.

Payesh - Image Courtesy Flickr - Creative Commons

Mishti doi - Image Courtesy Flickr - Creative Commons
Nolen Gurer Sondesh - Image Courtesy

As we enjoy this delicious meal, we keep in our thoughts all the men and women who have served this country and their sacrifice which permits us the simple joys of living free. Moreover, in our professional and personal life, let’s all pledge to live by the mantra of never surrendering and always doing what is right even when it is not what is easy.


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