Enliven Your Taste Buds with delectable Gujarati Cuisine in Ahmedabad, Chalo Jamva.

“People who love to eat are always the best people” is my favorite foodie quote. Penned by the legendary Julia Child. Made real by the people of Ahmedabad. Now, what’s the connection here? The undying love for food. The Ahmedabadis love to eat. Eat through the day and some more till midnight is their manta. That the city is full of restaurants and street fare that tempt taste buds adds to their perennial favorite sport- eating out. Though the city offers a huge variety of food, one Navratri (the festival of nine nights celebrated across India) we decided sample Authentic food in Ahmedabad. The much-loved Gujarati cuisine in Ahmedabad is served in standalone joints, specialty thali restaurants and five stars alike. During our 3-day stay we ate lip-smacking food, challenged a local to a masala chaas (buttermilk) drinking competition, lost badly and won many friends. Here is a list of a few Gujarati restaurants in Ahmedabad you can try on your next visit:

Toran Dining Hall- Located at Ashram road, Toran dining hall serves simple and delicious food in traditional interiors. The thali is priced at approx. INR 230 and one can enjoy unlimited servings of savory items, vegetables served with flatbreads and sweets. Do have the masala chaas, it will bring you respite from the high temperatures outside. The service is friendly and the menu changes during lunch and dinner. Seasonal specials like aam ras puri may cost extra.

Sasuji- "My mom-in-law will be happy that I ate here", quipped my newly married friend while roaming the pulsating lanes of C.G road. We conceded. The restaurant that literally means mom-in-law looks inviting with a spacious air-conditioned dining hall and well-spaced tables. The servers are constantly moving around refilling the vanishing delicacies in the guest’s thalis. Want delectable food made in the kitchens of Sasuji at your home? Worry not. The restaurant extends home catering facilities too. Have a guest at home who will not venture out? Take away lunch and dinner packs after you have your fill. Now this is one mom-in-law everyone will fall in love with. Thalis are priced at approx. INR 250 per person.

Rajwadu- Want to dine in royal Gujarati ambience? Head to Rajwadu located at Vejalpur in Ahmedabad. The cuisine is an exciting mix of Gujarati and Rajasthani dishes and guests can enjoy traditional folk dances during or before dinner. Head here with your family on special occasions as prices start from approx. INR 550 per person. Outdoor seating is available. It’s a little far from the city so do take care about return transportation.

Vishalla- A traditional set up located opposite Vasna toll naka, Vishalla is a must visit. We were lured to visit after a million recommendations and were extremely happy with the experience. Spend a relaxed evening gorging on various flatbreads- rotla, thepla, bhakri with seasonal vegetables prepared in minimal oil, farsan (savory snack), misthan (dessert) and loads of creamy buttermilk in a village like set up. The servers lovingly insist seconds of practically every dish that is served on a leaf, so go here prepared to eat. Everything about Vishalla reminds you about childhood days spent in our villages. We saw a lot of expats mingling with Indian guests. Servers adorning traditional wear, puppet show for kids, folk songs being sung by rustic voices and dance performances- need we say more? Prices start at approx. INR 500 per person.

Enliven Your Taste Buds with delectable Gujarati Cuisine in Ahmedabad served in a traditional or contemporary set up as per choice. The food is simple, wholesome, made with liberal use of ghee and sprinkled with loads of love.  If you are not still unconvinced, venture out for a gastronomic trail in Ahmedabad and who knows you might just fall in love with the magical food that is doled out in those thalis and katoris.