Chef's Table at Gaylord's Mumbai - An Iconic Restaurant that stood the test of time!

My mom walked into my room as I checked my reflection and grabbed my purse to leave. Before she could ask, I hastily mumbled, “ I am going to Gaylord’s Ma”.  Her eyes twinkled and a smile crept onto her lips and I stopped in my tracks.  “As a child, you used to eat cakes only from their bakery” she whispered and looked at me, trying to search her little daughter in this hyper adult, that I have lately become.  I sat down besides her, to reminiscence my childhood stories and her customary post work Saturday lunches at Gaylord’s. After a full 30 min of walking down the memory lane, I hailed a cab to take me to Gaylord’s, a place that had made me happy even before I could sample their delicacies.

Gaylord Restaurant opened its doors in 1956 serving North Indian, Mughlai and Continental fare to patrons. Many a times, I have sampled the amazing range of cakes, desserts, chocolates, muffins, and breads (health, wheat, multigrain and regular white- yup, have tried it all!!!) but lately, I had not been to their restaurant.

The Value For Money Bakery!!

I stepped into the al fresco cafeteria, which has wrought iron chairs and onyx table tops laid out in the patio dotted with plants. On a rainy august Friday, Gaylord’s had invited few select bloggers for a Chef’s table experience. I settled next to a distinguished looking gentleman, who introduced himself as Noel D’Souza. In this fickle world where we youngsters, change umpteen jobs, Mr. D’Souza has been with Gaylord’s for 26 years. He addressed us giving insights into the history of the restaurant as the soups from the pre decided menu reached our tables. 

Fellow Foodies at the Chef's Table 

I skipped the soup and ordered a Mojito to go with my starters. I firmly believe in the saying “When life gives you lemons, make a Mojito” :). I sipped it and relaxed as the perfect balance of citrus and sweet flavors mingled with my bloodstream to prepare me for the upcoming food fiesta.

Next, we tried a few starters like chicken kebab- flavorful, easy on spices and with a melt-in-the mouth texture, Lahori Fish Tikka- succulent and fresh, Kesari Paneer- tasty but I have had better and Bharwan Aloo….. the star starter dish. Tiny potatoes are filled with soft cottage cheese and baked. Served hot, they were gobbled at our table.

Kesari Paneer
Chicken Kebab

Bharwan Aloo, nom nom nom!!

For salads, we had the classic Waldrof salad and prawn cocktail. Creamy and sweet- the Waldrof salad had a little twist to the classic recipe by adding a few fresh fruits in addition to apples.

Easy banter followed between mouthfuls of tasty food and in walked in Mr. A.N. Malhotra. Dapper and smiling, he’s Gaylord’s 87 year young CEO :)He sat down amongst us to break bread and talk about our favorite topic- food!

Foodie Banter with Mr. Malhotra

For mains, I was keen to try the non-vegetarian fare, but was also curious about the vegetarian preparations. My mom had talked a lot about the North Indian dishes served at Gaylord’s and I scooped some Chana Pindi and Dal Sukhi on my plate. The former dish acquires its name from Rawalpindi in Punjab, Pakistan and Gaylord’s had nailed it- bursting with flavors this protein laden dish can be savored with hot kulcha or naan. The Dal Sukhi was mildly flavored and was a good side dish.

Dal Sukhi- a great side dish!

Chana Pindi- a must try!!

The Roast Chicken Bacon was a bit of a let down chewy bacon but I liked the batter fried Pomfret Meuniere. 

The Promfret Meuniere

As I chatted with Mr. Mehrotra about what his favorite dishes were, arrived the aromatic Kheema Nalli Gosht. This succulent dish made with Lamb Shanks cooked in spicy mince gravy was richly colored and very tasty. 

Kheema Nalli Gosht

The murgh makhani aka. our own butter chicken was sweet and laden with creamy richness. Take a generous piece of pudina parantha and dig in!!!

The moment I was waiting for arrived-dessert time!!! Triple happiness as there were three different desserts- Poached pears in spiced wine, Caramel Custard and Crunchy Raspberry and Chocolate mousse. 

Yummy Caramel Custard! 
Crunchy Raspberry Mousse
Spiced Wine Poached Pear

I loved the Caramel custard that was less on sweetness but big on taste with a perfect texture. The mousse had delectable taste of raspberry and a crunchy base, a perfect symphony of taste- I had two!!:)

I posed for pictures with my fellow bloggers and left even happier than I had come. I rushed home; I had a food story to tell.

Posing with my fellow foodies!!

Do you have one such favorite food story? Do share it with me

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Phone:022 2282 1259

12.30 pm till 3.30 pm 7.30 pm till 12.30 pm


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