Review: Enjoy Victorian charm at Chez Moi, an Italian restaurant in Bandra

What you see-
One rainy Mumbai evening, nestled amongst eateries and cafes, Chez Moi attracted us with its quaint entrance. The door was done up with blue, green and yellow colours but left a tad unfinished.  Inside, the tables and chairs carried the same unfinished look and well placed candles cast a radiant glow. Victorian lamps, money plants, wrought iron candle stands and old clocks added visual appeal. Slow lilting music pleased our ears as we looked around at posters and photos featuring Paris. A human hand soap dish, white in colour was placed near the wash basin- nice but strange.

What you get-
Chez Moi’s limited page menu was bound in an old Vogue magazine and featured only two reds and white wines of a single brand. On probing the server, we were informed that more brands will soon be added. Apart from the wines, Sangria, a wine punch made with red wine, juices and chopped fruits can also be ordered. We settled with a red wine Sangria pitcher as the place slowly started to fill in.  The food menu boasted of limited European, French, Italian cuisines with salads, cheese platters, pizzas, risotto and pastas and other main course dishes predominantly in chicken.

We started our meal with the Tapenade platter, a dish popular in the south of France. The platter had an assortment of black olive-fig and artichokes tapenades and pesto topped bruschetta.  While, a mix of fig and olives in cream paste blended perfectly lending a sharp and pleasant taste to the black-olive fig tapenade, the artichoke tapenade did not disappoint as well. Artichokes with capers and olives, spread on a toasted bread was the perfect accompanist to our Sangria.  Next, we ordered stuffed mushroom, a recommended chef’s special which had oversized mushrooms stuffed with veggies and cheese.

For the main course, we ordered chicken breast in caramelised onion sauce, which was served with grilled veggies and mashed potatoes. The next dish Coriander Burre Blanc with fish had Indian salmon grilled and topped with lemon butter sauce with herbs. The menu claimed it as a traditionally French dish, and apart from being nicely made it was well presented too. A small counter near the kitchen entrance displayed desserts like tiramisu, chocolate mousse and passion fruit cheese cake, but were not appealing enough to order.

Our Verdict-
Chez Moi which means “My Home” is done up like a Victorian house with a cosy feel but can be improved. The place is small and sits only 30- 35 guests, so prior reservation is recommended. The menu is very limited given the size of the place but can include more French dishes.  Head here for a romantic dinner or chat with an old friend or simply enjoy a book you always meant to read with a glass of wine. Valet parking is not available and parking can be a challenge as Chez Moi is housed in a residential colony. The service is knowledgeable but needs to be more attentive.

Chez Moi House no 13,
ONGC Colony, Bandra Reclamation,
Next to Candies,
Tel # 7738382407

What you pay for a meal for two – Rs. 2000/-

Anytime between – 12.30 pm to 3.00 pm and 7.30 pm to 1 .00 pm