My Top 10 European Cities to Visit with KLM.

The world is a book and those who don’t travel, have just read a page. And I love reading travel books. Since childhood when girls my age played with dolls, I dreamt of travelling the world- breakfast in a bakery at Vienna; visit the grand churches at Prague and relish seafood at any of the restaurants at Central Europe. Only if dreams could come true. 

So when KLM announced their #LetsGoDutch campaign to help people achieve their travel dreams by Going Dutch with them on different travel expenses, I was super excited!!! Just take a look at the video and you will be too:

If KLM, one of the oldest airlines helps me realize my travel dreams, I will travel the world, especially Europe. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? So here is a sneak peak into my travel fantasy…

My Top 10 European Countries to Visit with KLM.

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I have always been fascinated by Amsterdam, a city built on interlacing network of canals with a rich history and legendary party scene.

Here is the list of top things I would like to do in Amsterdam:
  1. Visit the Van Gogh Museum
  2. Canal cruise along the 97 KMS of canals
  3. Take a tour of the Heineken Brewery
  4. Visit The Anne Frank House which is a historic house and biographical museum dedicated to Jewish wartime diarist Anne Frank
  5. Savor the Nightlife set in former churches, industrial monuments.
  6. Buy chocolate from any of the city's noted "chocolatiers

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Grand churches, charming bridges, winding cobblestone streets and a romantic riverside invite me to Prague - The City of a Hundred Spires and one of the most well preserved cities in Europe.

Here is the list of top things I would like to do in Prague:
  1. Visit the Pražský Hrad (Prague Castle)
  2. Click a selfie at the Karluv most (The Charles Bridge)
  3. Take a stroll in the Staromestské námestí (Old Town Square) for a postcard picture
  4. Experience the Vibrant Nightlife.
  5. Shop for world-renowned hand blown glassware and Marionettes (a puppet worked by strings).

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Dublin’s intimate size, colossal entertainment and friendly locals attracts me to one of Western Europe's most popular and engaging urban destinations

Here is the list of top things I would like to do in Dublin:
  1. Visit the Magnificent Museums
  2. Tour the Guinness Brewery and Storehouse
  3. Photograph Dublin’s signature and opulent Georgian architectural style.
  4. Drop in to the famed Irish Pubs
  5. Feast on the flavorsome seafood

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Having witnessed the sights of magnificent Portuguese architecture in old Goa and relished its culinary influence in Goan cuisine, a visit to the capital city of Portugal has always been on my must visit places.

Here is the list of top things I would like to do in Lisbon:
  1. Visit to the UNESCO world heritage sites of Mosteiro dos Jerónimos and Torre de Belém – These monuments reflect the glorious seafaring history of Portugal.
  2. Explore Lisbon in Victorian style on the charming ancient trams moving through cobbled streets
  3. Experience the buzzing bars and pubs along the beautiful riverside
  4. Try Portuguese cuisine.
  5. Shop for crafts, food stuff and port wine at the locally owned shops in Baixa

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I have read about Warsaw in history books. This European city, which was 85%, destroyed in WWII reminds me of the Phoenix as it has metamorphosed itself into a modern, flourishing metropolis.

Here is the list of top things I would like to do in Warsaw:
  1. Tour the Museum of the 1944 Warsaw uprising
  2. Check out  Łódź which is easily accessible from Warsaw and also referred as "the Polish Manchester," for its peppy nightlife, industrial heritage, fashionable clubs, shopping centers and art galleries.
  3. Visit Łazienki Park for its historic monuments and contemporary art center
  4. Capture the Polish architecture of the Warsaw University Library and take a stroll on the beautiful rooftop garden to experience the panoramic vistas.
  5. Take a ride on the historic narrow-gauge train
  6. Try the ‘Zygmuntówka’, jelly-filled doughnuts made from Wedel chocloate or Blikle.

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The city of music, city of art and also described as the cultural capital of Europe, Vienna the metropolis with a unique charm, vibrancy and flair has always been on my bucket list.

Here is the list of top things I would like to do in Vienna:
  1. Ride the Ringstrasse (Ring Road) to see the monumental buildings along the tree-lined boulevard that reflects the imperial opulence of the recent past.
  2. Experience the classic collection of fine art at the Kunsthistorisches Museum
  3. Visit the Schönbrunn Palace and take a tour through the authentically furnished residential and ceremonial rooms of the Imperial Family, the maze and the labyrinth in the gardens
  4. Being in a city that has been home to Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven and Johann Strauss, I would like to delight my senses with a visit to the state opera.
  5. Savor an extended coffee break at any of the great café landmarks during the ritual 3pm Kaffeejause (coffee and cake) - a UNESCO-recognized cultural institution.

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Having read about Athens in history books, seen documentaries on the Architectural Perfection of the Parthenon with its majestic honey-color marble columns which have stood the test of time, I am ready to pack my bags and visit the historical capital of Europe.

Here is the list of top things I would like to do in Athens:
  1. Tour the Acropolis.
  2. Witness the act of traditional changing of guard by Evzones on Syntagma Square.
  3. Check out the Benaki Museum that has Greece’s oldest collection of fine art ancient sculptures.
  4. Stroll the traditional bazaar at Monastiraki for copper wine jugs, candlesticks, and cookware and visit the ancient Agora where Plato and Socrates once discoursed.
  5. Party at the pubs in Gazi, Kerameikos and the famous bouzoukia clubs. OPA!


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Straddled on both side of the Danube River, Budapest unites the colorful Buda hills on the West and the wide boulevards of Pest. Known for its thermal baths I can’t wait to visit to the cultural and commercial heart of Hungary.

Here is the list of top things I would like to do in Budapest:
  1. Cruise on the Danube River.
  2. Relax at the immensely large Széchenyi Baths and Art Nouveau Gellért Baths
  3. Take a Segway Budapest Tour to enjoy the stunning structures.
  4. Explore the trails on the Buda Hills
  5. Shop at the Nagycsarnok (Budapest biggest market) for traditional folk craft and honey-sweet dessert wine
  6. Take a selfie at the Széchenyi Chain Bridge
  7. Relish on Hungarian Goulash

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Zagreb is a fairly new tourist destination. The pictures of the Adriatic coast with beautiful medieval towns set in Austro-Hungarian architecture, crystal clear azure waters, and excellent tourist resorts are very inviting to visit the compact capital of Croatia in Central Europe.

Here is the list of top things I would like to do in Zagreb:
  1. Take a walking tour of Zagreb to explore the top attractions in the upper town (Gornji grad) and lower town (Donji grad) such as Stone Gate, Zagreb Cathedral, Krvavi Most, Strossmayer Promenade and more at a leisurely pace.
  2. Climb the Lotrščak Tower for a 360-degree view of the city and some fabulous selfies and photos.
  3. Check out the quirky Museum of Broken Relationships to explore mementos.
  4. Visit the Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage that has waterfalls, cascades and crystal clear turquoise lakes.
  5. Explore the fortresses in Zagorje's forested hills and the beautifully preserved baroque architecture at Varaždin
  6. Relish the delicious seafood and meaty and spicy fare of Central Europe.

I would return with beautiful memories after this wonderful trip. What would you do if KLM went Dutch with you?


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