10 Health Benefits of Dates That Shall Leave You Surprised

A funny text read, "The only dates I get currently are updates." The current pandemic has left us wondering when will the days of real flowers & cosy dates come back. But, what if we told you that a handful of dates everyday shall help you prevent infections, promote heart & bone health and boost energy levels? In this article we will talk about the other kind of dates that are harvested from date palm trees.

Dates are highly beneficial as they are a rich source of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Moreover, there are more than 1500 varieties harvested in warm climates like the Middle East. Traditionally considered as dried fruits, Medjool dates are in fact fresh fruit!

Let's look at health benefits of dates that shall leave you surprised:

You Can Swap Vitamin Pills for Dates:

In you don't like taking Vitamin pills, try eating dates daily. Presence of B1, B2, B3 and Vitamin C helps maintain your overall health. In addition, just like zinc rich foods, dates are important for growing children too. Finally, dates help elevate energy levels too.

Bone Health:

Presence of manganese, copper, magnesium & more nutrients in dates help in maintaining bone health. Furthermore, some studies show that regular consumption can help in avoiding conditions like osteoporosis.

Great Protein Source:

The high quantity of protein present in dates help increase muscle strength. Besides, if you indulge in heavy workouts, including dates in your daily diet will prove beneficial.

Relieves Constipation:

Brimming with fiber, consumption of dates helps relieve constipation & regulate bowel movements. Soak some dates overnight, consume them in the morning to stay constipation free.

Can Be Used As Natural Sweetener:

If you are looking for a natural substitute for sugar, try using dates to make ladoos, cookies & cakes. Moreover, try making healthy shakes with dates. Although, date have natural sugars, they have a low glycemic index making them safe for people with diabetes.

Helps Keep Your Heart Healthy:

Presence of potassium in dates is considered good for the heart. Equally important is the fact that it also helps lower blood pressure. Dates are a rich source of iron that helps in production of red blood cells to transport oxygen around the body.

Great Source of Fiber:

Studies show that consuming just 1/4th cup of dates helps improve colon health. Dates help keep the gastrointestinal system healthy & prevent colon cancer.

Helps Improve Male Fertility:

Research indicates that potent antioxidants present in dates help maintain normal sperm morphology. Do check with your doctor if you can include dates in your diet to improve male fertility. They are also considered as an aphrodisiac that helps boost male stamina.

Helps Facilitate Natural Labour:

Studies show that eating dates during pregnancy helps reduce the need for medical labour in women. Moreover, women are encouraged to eat dates to increase the probability of natural labour without any medical induction.

Prevents Allergies:

The organic sulfur present in dates has a range of health benefits. Additionally, it also helps in  preventing seasonal allergies & allergic reactions.

Can I Eat Dates Everyday:

Yes, one can consume dates everyday. Though, do check with your doctor/dietician as dates contain natural sugars.

Benefits of Dates With Milk at Night:

Certain cultures consider consuming dates with milk as highly beneficial. It helps restore energy levels, increase male stamina, helps in wight gain. However,do check with your doctor before consumption.

How Many Dates Can I Eat Everyday:

One can easily have 4-5 dates everyday. Although, do remember that dates have high natural sugar content.

How to Eat Dates:

Blend them into smoothies to replace sugar. Moreover, dates can be added to nutritional ladoos made with dry fruits. Besides, stuff them with sliced almonds or pistachios to make a healthy evening snack. Or like us, pop them to satiate huger pangs as they are good in their natural form too.

To conclude, dates are considered ideal food that are packed with essential nutrients & vitamins. We always trust premium quality Arabian dates that are vacuum packed for longevity. To order your pack of healthy goodness, write to us on contactwickedsppon@gmail.com


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