10 Types of White Flowers

White is a beautiful color that reflects light. White looks beautiful with everything and can be paired with any color. White flowers are considered as symbol of innocence, humility, purity and appreciation. When you gift beautiful white flowers to someone, it makes them feel light and happy. Sometimes white flowers are used to express grief and are often used in weddings as well. White flowers are attractive and their presence can make a place tranquil. If one loves to plant flowers in their garden, white should be a color of choice. Many florists pair white flowers with other colored flowers in the bouquet and which enhances the beauty of any bouquet. Here are 10 types of white flowers that you can grow in your backyard.

White Rose:

Roses always look beautiful and stunning. They are not only known for their stunning beauty but also their fragrance. white roses represent young love, hope, virtue, and purity.

White Lily:

White lily is a beautiful creation of nature and this flower is loved by everyone. A favorite flower of many brides ,white lily has a unique shape. When any florist uses this beautiful flower in the bouquet it enhances the royalty of that arrangement. White lilies represent virginity and purity.

White Calla Lily:

White Calla lily is known for its beauty and innocent look. It is also a symbol of Jesus resurrection. This flower looks so beautiful with its trumpet-like shape and rests on a long stem. This flower is associated with faith; holiness, purity and its trumpet shape represents victory.

White Orchid:

White orchid symbolizes divine beauty, purity, virtue, and innocence. The White color of the orchid is not very common. This flower is extremely elegant and it gives exotic looks to any bouquet when paired with other flowers because of its elegance and pure looks.

White Tulips:

White tulips are loved by people all over the world. This beautiful flower symbolizes new beginnings, purity, forgiveness, beauty, warmth, and serenity. So, if you want to wish a loved one for a new beginning than choose white tulips to express your feelings. If you want to apologize, this flower will surely convey your message. In India, tulips are available in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

White Carnation:

One of the simple and classic bloom, white carnation looks very attractive. Though carnations look beautiful in every color, white carnations are pretty unique. White carnations symbolize pure love and innocence and are perfect to wish loving moms on occasion of mother’s day.

White Gerbera Daisies:

Gerbera daisies are admired because of their exquisite beauty. This flower looks gorgeous with a black center bulb. If you want to brighten your loved ones day, go ahead and gift this stunning flower to them. Gerbera daisies symbolize beauty and sentimental clarity.

White Hibiscus:

White hibiscus is another breathtakingly beautiful flower and you can gift this flower or use it for the decorative purpose. White hibiscus is known to have some healing properties and symbolizes fertility and purity.

White Hydrangea:

A beautiful flower, white hydrangea adds glory to any garden. Often florists also use this flower in bouquet arrangement to add a different dimension. White hydrangea symbolizes friendship, understanding, devotion and looks like white cotton candy.

White Daisies:

White daisies are perfect for bridal bouquet because of its pure and innocent look. White beautiful daisies symbolizes new beginnings, simplicity, secret love, purity, sympathy and innocence.


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