Meaning Behind Flower Colors

There is a hidden meaning behind colors of every flower. People from different parts of the world follow these meanings from centuries. Flowers are loved by people because they are the best gift given to us by nature and you can gift flowers to your loved ones. Different colors of flowers make it easy to convey a variety of messages. Every color expresses a different thing. So, if you are planning to gift flowers to someone then before buying flowers decide the perfect color that can convey your message accurately.

Consulting your florist is a good idea to understand the meaning behind flowers and come up with the perfect bouquet for your loved one. Only a beautiful bouquet with the right color can make your loved one happy and help them understand the underlying message. Here is an easy guide that explains the meaning of different colors of flowers.

Meaning of Blue Flowers:
Blue is a beautiful flower color, loved by many people. Usually, blue color symbolizes serenity, openness, and peace. If you want to convey your message of peace to someone, choose a beautiful bouquet of blue flowers. This will surely soothe your loved one.

Meaning of Pink Flowers:
There are a variety of flowers that come in pink color. If you want to share happiness with someone and want to convey that you want to see a big smile on their faces, send pink flowers to them. These pink flowers symbolize joy, happiness, innocence, and youth.

Meaning of Purple Flowers:
Purple flowers symbolize royalty, success, and pride. If you want to congratulate your loved one on their success, a bunch of purple flowers would be the right choice. Purple flowers include Bell flower, iris, alliums and clematis.

Meaning of Red Flowers:
Red flowers are one of the most beautiful flowers on the earth. Apart from this ostentatious beauty, there are many hidden meanings of this color. This beautiful flower symbolizes strength, desire, passionate love, and perfection.

Meaning of White Flowers:
White is the color that is used to convey happiness and sadness equally. White flowers can be used for weddings and also for funerals. This beautiful color symbolizes humility, reverence and innocence.

Meaning of Yellow Flowers:
Yellow flowers look so beautiful and they always bring happiness. When these flowers are around anyone, they bring joy and lightness. If you want that someone accepts your friendship, gift yellow flowers to express happiness. You can also gift these flower to someone who has started something new.

Meaning of Orange Flowers:
Orange is another beautiful flower color that is appreciated by many people. This beautiful color symbolizes boldness, happiness, and joy. This beautiful color also conveys the message of adventure. If you want to brighten up someone's day and bring cheer, go ahead and gift orange flowers.

Meaning of Green Flowers:
After the long winter when you see green color around you, it means the onset of spring. This beautiful green color symbolizes new life, renewal and good fortune. So if you want to wish good fortune to someone, gift them green flowers.


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