Wednesday, 29 April 2015

10 Delectable ways to savor Mangoes

They say “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” we say “When life gives you lemons throw it back and demand mangoes”. The sweet and enticing aroma of these golden colored juicy fruits tempt kids and adults to indulge. Every summer, I spent my vacations in a small town where our family had around 300 mango trees. Come summers we used to live in the magical land amidst mangoes. Our vacations were busy - climbing the mango trees, plucking mangoes, helping grandpa stock them in hay and newspaper, assisting granny with the pickling activities and in between discreetly suckling a few juicy mangoes.

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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Review: Sichuan House a Stylish Chinese Dining Experience at Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla

We love malls. They are a great way to to spend fun family times with entertainment, shopping and dining all under one roof. Our favorite mall, Phoenix Marketcity is strategically located and provides us with unlimited fun options.

What You See:

One day after yet another shopping spree, we chanced upon Sichuan House nestled on the ground floor of Phoenix Marketcity. We were tempted to step inside as hunger pangs intensified and we absolutely dig Chinese cuisine. After being seated at one of the comfortable booth, we noticed that the high ceilinged restaurant could easily sit approximately 80 patrons. Minimal Chinese elements and soothing music added to the ambience. A few early diners including large families and couples were enjoying good foodie times, a good sign :)

What You Get:

Since we had promised our Gym Instructor to steer clear of alcohol, we browsed mocktails and settled for "Ok Lah"- a tangy drink with tropical flavors and kaffir lime leaves. The other mocktail called "General" was on the sweeter side but quenched our thirst with its refreshing combination of mango juice, grenadine, litchi juice topped with lemonade.

The Ok Lah and General- our favorite mocktails. 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Review: Café Coffee Day Launches Ultimate Summer Refreshers #CCDSummerSlam.

We love saying “Hello, Summer. Summer reminds us of rays of sunshine, bright colors, loud giggles, twinkling stars and fun in outdoors. And ending a perfect summer day slurping on a deliciously cold and refreshing beverage tops our list of all things nice. So when Café Coffee Day invited us to try a refreshing range of thirst quenchers, off we went donning a yellow outfit that matched one of the smoothies…now what’s summer without a bit of yellow sunshine, isn't it?  We tried six delicious ranges of chilled slushes and smoothies, played a few summer games with fellow bloggers and picked favorites too.

Say hello to Summer with the #CCDSummerSlam Range!

Friday, 17 April 2015

Making a Memory With the Home Store Section at Flipkart.

“Marriages may be made in heaven…but on planet earth, your relationship surely needs constant nurturing.” thought Ria as she prepared dinner for Ajith. The first few months of their marriage had been very exciting as they set up their new life and Ajith was a thoughtful guy who took good care of her. But it was Ria, who was the romantic one between the two and she loved adding a sparkle to their daily lives by making impromptu dinner plans, learning innovative dishes, planning travels and sending texts in the middle of a very busy day. Ajith reciprocated by participating in all her plans with gusto as his busy schedule as an investment banker left him little time to engage in social activities.

Ria glanced at her cellphone and suddenly remembered. Gosh!! Ajith’s birthday was less a week away and she had promised that she would make it special for him. Hectic work schedule and household duties had taken precedence over her promise. Frantically, she started going over ideas in her head. Should she buy a special gift? But then the best gifts come from the heart and not the store, right? A dinner reservation in a fancy hotel? Nah, not special. Ria started flicking through the pictures on her cell phone and stumbled upon her favorite one that had a smiling Ajith mixing a cocktail as he chatted with the bartender. Even when they were dating, Ajith loved trying new cocktails and spoke about mixology a lot. He always had a knack of pairing the right wine with the food she ordered and spoke about entertaining his guests with personally crafted cocktails. Ah, wait!! If Ajith was unable to go to a mixologist to learn why not bring the mixology to him? Ria had started working in the hospitality industry recently and quickly called one of her contacts that free-lanced as a bartender at house parties. He readily agreed. That evening Ria tried hard to hide her smile when Ajith came home from a long day at work

The next couple of days passed in a jiffy and Ria excitedly looked forward to the day when she would see the surprised look of happiness on Ajith’s face. She had also called a few close friends who would come over after the mixologist left to enjoy dinner and special cocktails crafted by Ajith, himself. That evening she headed to the bookstore and bought a book on the art of mixology so that she could participate in the session too...wasn't she the better half?:)Very soon Ajith would be crafting classics like Mojito, Bloody Mary, Daiquiri, her favorite- Lemon Margarita and Mai Tai in the comfort of their home. She flipped open the book and slumped back on the couch. Staring back from the pages of the book were beautiful bar accessories and bar essentials. Though the mixologist had assured to bring his own bar set for the session, what about the party afterwards? She had promised her guests a gala time with good food and excellent cocktails but had totally ignored the basics.

She grabbed her car keys but decided it was a bad idea. It was past 9 pm and the mall would close soon. Panic struck her as she remembered that she was in a client meeting the whole day next day and stepping out would be impossible. She started fiddling with her cellphone and suddenly remembered her friend Pooja had received a package at office today from Flipkart. Gingerly, she logged on to the site and the page opened in a jiffy. Good sign. She went through the neat categorization of products and the easy interface but was still unsure. Being a traditional shopper, Ria believed in personally checking the products she wanted to buy and then there was always the niggling thought about safety measures undertaken by online companies. She glanced through an awesome collection of books, clothes, shoes and a new section titled “"The Home Store"that had home furnishings, Kitchen appliances, dinnerware, home décor and….bar accessories and glassware. She almost cried out in joy. She clicked on the section and was taken in to the world of brilliant bar accessories- bar sets, wine glasses, wine coolers, ice buckets and cocktail glasses- all that she would need to make Ajith’s day a special one was under one roof.At a click of a button. She had to only raise a finger and a genie would deliver it safe and sound to her doorstep within 48 hours.

Ria selected a beautiful Chevyo bar setthat had a beautiful cocktail shaker, wine chiller, ice bucket, strainer, opener, measuring glass and a bar stand- perfect to make cocktails in the comfort of your home. Priced at INR 1699 it was a steal deal.

The Beautiful Chevyo Bar Set from the Flipkart Home Store Section.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Our Top 5 Reasons To Visit Karim's at Jama Masjid, Delhi for an Unforgettable Experience.

“If I check your blog after 10 days will you have written about me?” he asked. I looked at him and replied, “I promise.” Now promises are like babies right? Easy to make but hard to deliver. But I vowed to keep this one made between mouthfuls of khameeri roti at Karim’s at Delhi. Because, I am sure Mike, will read this someday. Because promises made on a table full of food that touches your soul are not to be broken. Who is Mike? And where was this promise made? I smile as I remember one of the most memorable meals I have had in recent times at an informal setting at Karim's near Jama Masjid, Delhi.

Here are our Top 5 Reasons to visit Karim's for an unforgettable experience: 

Dine at a Legendary Eatery

Located near Jama Masjid in the heart of Old Delhi, Karim’s is a legendary culinary destination. Established in 1913 so that commoners could also enjoy the taste of royal food, one can see appreciative endorsements all around the restaurants by National Geographic, BBC, Lonely Planet and many more. But nothing prepares you for the explosion of tastes at Karim’s and the treat that awaits for your taste buds. No complex flavors or molecular gastronomy here- only food that satisfies your hunger and touches your soul. Its not everyday you get to eat food at an eatery run by the fourth generation of cooks that served in the royal courts of Mughal Emperors.

The menu at Karim's- mouth watering, no?